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Music Growth Hacking Tips

Music Growth Hacking Tips



Let's keep it real, if you’re trying out 10 things with mixed results, but you’ve verified that 1 or 2 channels are performing really well, then scrap the other 8 and focus on these 2. Always know the goal is not to be doing as many things as possible. The goal is to measure what works best, so that you can focus on that and move on to the next experiment. Build, Measure, Learn.


Keep using new social media channels and ways to distribute your music while thinking of what kind of info do you collect from your fans, etc. Always look at small things you can improve, such as better use of hashtags or more consistent posting schedules. Then try to automate something.


Know it’s a learning process and you need to make it fun for yourself. Let your curiosity drive you. Explore what is relevant for you and your fans and find out what works for you. Constantly look for ways where a small investment of time will save you loads of time in the future. There is always something to improve, something new to try out.


Don't be shy and enjoy the Music Growth Hacking adventure!





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